Custom Packaging

For eCommerce businesses looking to optimize their shipping solutions, custom packaging is the way to ensure your customer’s first impression is a positive one. Whether you’re looking to create custom packaging to promote a special product, embrace sustainable materials, or comply with shipping regulations, ShipCalm is here to help. Our experts will provide custom packaging solutions and logistic strategies for all of your packaging, packing, and shipping needs. As a trusted third-party logistics company, we’re eager to elevate the way your eCommerce business approaches your custom packaging.
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How Does Custom Packaging Help Ecommerce Businesses

It is a must for eCommerce businesses to have a firm understanding of their inventory’s shipping requirements, which often includes specific packaging demands. Whether shipping perishable goods that need cold packs or hazardous materials that require certain safety protocols to be met, all shipments must adhere to shipping regulations. ShipCalm has the expertise to navigate obstacles that come with compliance with custom packaging solutions that ensure companies abide by shipping regulations while also developing a stronger brand and giving their customers a more positive experience. Custom packaging is designed to pass stress-tests to make sure items are not damaged in-transit. ShipCalm is highly experienced in creating packaging that keeps fragile items safe, cold items frozen, and inventory intact.

There are numerous types of packaging materials (such as corrugated boxes, poly mailers, air pillows, etc.) designed for specific goods and products, and ShipCalm can quickly identify which packaging supplies suit your business needs best. ShipCalm is also here to provide cost-effective graphics and aesthetics solutions to improve your eCommerce company’s branding, whether you want simple and affordable graphics or robust and intricate designs. From stickers and branded tape to custom mailers and boxes, ShipCalm allows eCommerce businesses to get creative with their packaging.

What Types of Custom Packaging Can ShipCalm Help With?

ShipCalm’s comprehensive custom packaging solutions work in concert with kitting, pick-n-pack services, pre-assembly services, and much more. ShipCalm can help set up custom packaging bags for shipping to elevate your inventory’s presentation and branding while also complying with all shipping regulations. ShipCalm has food-grade facilities, and temperature-sensitive shipments can drastically benefit from custom packaging solutions with ShipCalm boasting climate conditioned packaging that will keep items secure. If your shipments need special promotion, instructions, unboxing needs, or customized notes for the customer, ShipCalm can make sure those are all included. 

Returns are a natural component of any healthy business, and with ShipCalm’s custom packaging solutions, we can ensure that packaging is built-in to outbound shipments to simplify the return process. Behind all of this, ShipCalm utilizes an accurate inventory management system to address specific shipment demands. This just scratches the surface of what ShipCalm’s custom packaging logistics services have to offer, with all of our strategies designed to increase sales and support growth.

Additional Logistics Services Offered by ShipCalm

ShipCalm can handle more than just custom packaging, we’re a highly experienced third-party logistics company that can address any of your eCommerce business’s logistics needs. From the moment an order is placed to the moment it arrives at the customer’s doorstep, we’re here to guarantee the customer’s experience is a positive one. Some of the popular service options chosen by our ShipCalm customers include:

At ShipCalm we are constantly thinking of ways to adapt to modern eCommerce trends, which means we work with numerous marketplace platform integrations. We cater to our customer’s customers, and we’re able to abide by packaging regulations for any online marketplace to create a seamless shipping experience for the merchant, the hosting marketplace, and most importantly, the customer. Some of the most popular marketplaces ShipCalm works with include: 

Enhance the Look of Your Business with the Help of ShipCalm Today!

ShipCalm is here to address any of your custom packaging needs, and is dedicated to providing affordable packaging solutions to elevate the customer experience. ShipCalm is eager to identify unique opportunities for packaging improvement to provide savings across the board, all the while  raising the value of each processed shipment. Want to learn more about ShipCalm’s custom packaging solutions? Request a custom price today! 

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